Which Stripper is Best for You

Liquid Powder Coat Strippers


Our best stripper for rims and pieces with tough coats. If you need pieces stripped fast, this is the best stripper for you. Available in 30 and 55 gallon drums.


This stripper works great on tough coatings, but the strip time is not quite as fast. With less odor than PS-2L, 1010P is great for small shops who are worried about the odor and still need jobs done fast. Available in 30 and 55 gallon drums.


If you are looking for a less caustic stripper with a lower odor, then this stripper is for you. Can be purchased in as small as 5 gallon pails. The strip time is slightly slower than our 1010P, but still very effective.
Non-Methylene Chloride Strippers

Quick Cut 3

Our most aggressive non-methylene chloride stripper that is great for stripping rims and other tough coatings. Best for use when methylene chloride cannot be used.

E-Coat Stripper

This is our more eco-friendly stripper. Our E-Coat Stripper contains no methylene chloride and works great on powder coatings and e-coatings. This stripper completely dissolves the powder from the substrate. Great for businesses in states with restrictions on methylene chloride.

Paste Powder Coating Strippers


Our fastest and strongest paste stripper that gets the job done quick and easy. Only available in 30 and 55 gallon drums


Used for difficult vertical surfaces or pieces too large to be submerged. This stripper is made for a brush-on application. Can be purchased in as small as a 5 gallon pail.