Paste Powder Coating Stripper
PowderStrip Liquid 30 Gallon Drum

PS-1L Powder Coating Stripper

PS-1L Powder Coating Stripper is a methylene chloride based paint stripper with a caustic activator meant for an immersion process.  Works quick to remove all types of Powder Coatings.

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5 Gallon Pail $160.00 ea.
30 Gallon Drum $430.00 ea.
55 Gallon Drum $640.00 ea.

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PS-1L Powder Coating Stripper

Our PS-1L Powder Coating Stripper is methylene chloride based paint stripper with a caustic activator. This liquid immersion stripper is our lowest cost stripper and our most popular when it comes to the removal of powder coating. Powder strip works on most types of metals and will not pit, flash rust, or etch the surface. ***Price Includes Shipping!***

  • A quicker, more cost effective alternative to sandblasting and burn off ovens
  • Great for cleaning hooks, hangers and will not destroy plugs


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Powder Strip Liquid
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5 Gallon Pail $160.00 ea., 30 Gallon Drum $430.00 ea., 55 Gallon Drum $640.00 ea.


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