55 Drum Heater- Barrel Band


55 Gallon Drum Band Heater

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-55 Gal Drum Heater Pad: Heating pad width of 10 inches.

-Easy Operation: The heater temperature is controlled from 30 to 150°C (86°F to 302°F) by a thermostat. Consumption decreases as the drum reaches the desired temperature, thus keeping the temperature

High Quality: The quality of the heater is far superior to other brands. It can work at high intensity and is fire, oil and acid resistant. This is because the outer layer is made of high temperature resistant silicone rubber and flame retardant, alkali-free fiberglass cloth laminated through a special process to form an insulating layer.

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Additional information

55 Gallon Drum heater

55 Gallon Drum heater $150