Dip Tank System- 225 Gallon Poly


Powder Strip Dip tank System



Our powder coating stripping tank is constructed from a robust and long-lasting linear low density polyethylene material, ensuring longevity and durability. The tank has been thoughtfully
designed to accommodate our range of eco-friendly strippers, including the highly effective Rim
Strip, and has a capacity to hold up to four car rims. The tank is equipped with a well engineered lid that includes straps, effectively minimizing the evaporation of chemicals.
Furthermore, the bottom of the tank features slots specifically designed to enable forklifts to
maneuver effortlessly around the tank, allowing for ease of transportation throughout your

Powder Strip Dip Tank System,
(48″L x44″W x36″H Outside Dimensions — 145 lbs, 225-g Capacity)

Additional information

Additional information

Dip tank System- 225 Gallon Poly

225 Gallon Poly $1650